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Episode 2 - OpenScholar Open Up - Bryan Bryson, Ragon Institute

May 21st, 2020

Jess sits down with Dr. Bryan Bryson (Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT/Associate Member, Ragon Institute) to discuss the fun of trial and error and how it led to his passion for science at a young age. 

Dr. Bryson discusses the importance of creating shared languages to build support and increase scientific impact across fields and levels of expertise. We also discuss the role of fun and fostering workplace friendships in initiating research collaborations. 

As an infectious disease expert, Dr. Bryson discusses the global impact of Tuberculosis and what success will look like in the COVID-19 recovery. Lastly, we discuss the beauty of science and the exquisite representation of an immune system response to pathogens through the medium of watercolors. 


Quote of the Ep:

“If I had to bet on anything right now, I’m betting on science.” - Dr. Bryan Bryson

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